A beautiful new floor can transform any room and the right choice will perfectly compliment your home. You’re sure to find a colour and design to suit your home and budget here at Total Flooring Solutions.

A bit about us

We are a national flooring company offering a wide range of fitting, removal and disposal services. We serve residential and commercial projects of various sizes throughout the United Kingdom.


At Total Flooring Solutions, we are your one stop shop for every step of your buying process. When it comes to fitting, our experts will ensure your new flooring is fitted perfectly, avoiding any stress or hassle of fitting it yourself. 



Removal of existing flooring can be a messy, challenging task and most people do not want the hassle of removing existing flooring. At Total Flooring Solutions we understand this and cover the removal of existing flooring for you.


Disposing of your existing floor may seem a daunting task. However, at Total Flooring Solutions, this aspect is covered for you throughout our service delivery process, which is why customers choose TFS for a stress free flooring solution.


Our company is not satisfied with ‘good enough’. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it well and treat every project as our own. We will never forget that this is about your home, your family and your needs.



We offer a wide range of carpets and floorings at great prices. Furthermore, our service fulfilment covers all aspects that you need from selection and style to removal and disposal giving you an enjoyable experience throughout.

Happy Customers 

“I’m delighted with my new carpet & the overall experience I’ve had with Total Flooring. Service & the carpet fittering was great.”


“Excellent service. Staff were very helpful & knowledgeable. The company also resolved a small issue quickly & efficiently.”

Joe Black

“Visited two other flooring websites prior to finding Total Flooring Solutions & found what we wanted here at a good price.”

Sally Wilson


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Purchasing your new flooring couldn’t be easier. Our online shop has everything you need in one place – browse our website and have it delivered to your door.


Residential & Commercial

We are confident that you will find the perfect wood, laminate or vinyl flooring for your home or business. Dont forget – we offer removal and disposal services to make your life easier and relive your headaches!

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